Spray Dryers

We manufacture these spray dryers are made from high quality raw material procured from the reliable source. These user friendly dryers are widely appreciated because of its high quality standards and durability. The various spray dryers we offer are mentioned below:

Nozzle Atomizer Type Spray Dryers

Nozzle Atomizer Type Spray Dryers convert the pressure energy within the liquid bulk into kinetic energy of thin moving liquid sheets. It breaks the sheets under the influence of the physical liquid properties and by the frictional effects with the medium into which it is discharged. The nozzle pressures range from 20 to 200 bar.

Rotary Atomizer Type Spray Dryers

We offer Rotary Atomizer Type Spray Dryers. Our wheel or disc rotating rotary disc atomization is used for atomizing the liquid feed at high speed. It distributes the liquid centrally on the wheel/disc/cup. Moreover, the feed liquid is centrifugally accelerated to high velocity before being discharged as fine droplets/ mist. These are available in straight/ curved vanes, pinwheels and multi-layer discs designs in diameters from 60 to 350 mm.