Centrifugal Fans

We manufacture centrifugal fans that are made using premium quality of raw materials and are also widely demanded. These fans are known for their performance and superior functioning. These are used in the following applications.

• Cement works - conveying/processing
• Power stations - induced draft fans
• Steel works processing
• Petrochemical plants
• Air conveyors
• Dust collection and material/particulate movement
• Car washing plants
• Pulp and paper manufacturers
• Mechanical vapor compression in evaporation and distillation processes
• Textile machinery and glass process manufacture
• For cooling applications
• Including low noise high performance fans for refrigeration
• Condensing and electro-mechanical applications
• Performance Application
• Boiler and furnace ventilation
• Pneumatic conveying
• Glass-works process ventilation
• Dust and fume extraction

Industrial Centrifugal Fans

Approx. Rs 25,000 / Piece(s)

We offer Industrial Centrifugal Fans. Our air movement technology is used widely in industrial plants and factories for ventilation of work spaces as vital components in high technology manufacturing facilities. Moreover, these industrial centrifugal fans are also used for maintaining delicate environments within close tolerance levels in petro-chemical and pharmaceutical plants. The Modern industrial processes demand specific and specialist requirements for high performance ventilation / Extraction equipment.

The salient features and specifications are as follow:

  • Mild steel casing, or stainless steel construction
  • Able to withstand multiple start/stop cycles with reduced inertia
  • Motor protection IP55
  • High energy efficiency
  • Clean air applications
  • Design and application flexibility
  •  Low vibration forces
  • Direct Driven / Belt Driven

We require the following information recommend a suitable device:

  • Air/gas flow rate: n3m3/hr
  • Discharge pressure: mm Wg
  • Suction Pressure: mm Wg
  • Temp 0C
  • Density kg/m3
  • Gas containing pollutant
  • Gas details, if possible
  • Drive expected
  • Material of construction
  • Utility details